“Claire has genuinely changed my life, it’s hard to express exactly in words but I will be forever grateful for her.

She has a real gift for helping people and understanding exactly what you need. I was not in a good place when I started seeing her and she was kind and genuine.

It is very evident that she listened and understood me ensuring her approach was fitting for how my brain worked.

We worked through my trauma using EMDR and the change it has had is amazing. I have seen a shift within myself and the way I think and approach situations.

I really cannot thank her enough for just how much she has helped me. She is one in a million.” 

Chloe, 35

“I went to Claire to work on the rumination I was experiencing over a past trauma. I didn’t know much about EMDR, only that it was recommended by many for freeing yourself from trauma.

Claire was a great rock through the process which was surprisingly gentle and simple. Despite the simplicity of the process, I soon realised I wasn’t stuck in those same mental loops any more.

I feel that the EMDR really helped create mental space and gave me my energy back to focus on the here and now. Claire was great at refocusing me and guiding me to get the most out of each session.

I highly recommend this to anyone who needs help in moving through their past so that they can step into the freedom of their now.”

Zoe, 38

“I was a bit nervous before seeing Claire for EMDR. I didn’t know what to expect, and if my trauma would be like opening up Pandora’s box.

Claire’s calm and grounded presence, along with her clear guidance straight away eased these fears. I’ve been rather shocked at how well EMDR in combination with Claire’s therapeutic style has created a knock on effect of freedom within my life.

The doubt I was having about myself holding onto these past memories has actually evaporated. I still have real life work to do, but I don’t feel hung up or attached to the imprinted memories anymore.

It’d like a cloud of heaviness has lifted and I feel more whole. I can now sheppard my inner child with greater awareness and love. I highly recommend Claire!”

R.F., 34

“I began seeing Claire as I was having trouble managing and coping with some building stresses whilst simuntaniously undergoing a series of significant life changes.

My self regulation and coping skills were being tested and through working with Claire I have managed to strengthen my resilience and learnt a series of simple yet affective life skills and strategies that I continuously drawn on and apply. 

Sessions with Claire have always felt like a welcome reprieve and the safe, calm and assured presence that she brought with her made her reliable and easy to open up to without fear of misunderstanding or judgement. Always attentive in listening without distraction and unafraid to cut through the haze and guide in clearing the way to self understanding and acceptance with a safe ease. 

There have been several unmistakeable moments of necessary perspective shifts, realisations, healings and understanding through our EMDR sessions and will continue to refer to my discoveries and learnings through my time seeing Claire. 

A highly recommended professional who never disappointed and will forever be appreciated for her grounding support in a challenging and pivotal point in my life.” 

Jess, 31